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Molyslip Automatic Transmission Supplement 1qt Bottle
Molyslip Automatic Transmission Supplement 1qt Bottle

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What it is
A solubl
e molybdenum fortified supplement with corrosion inhibitors and anti-foam agents that has an extremely high film strength.

What it does

MOLYSLIP Automatic Transmission Supplement blends with regular automatic transmission and power steering fluids to improve their performance. It improves the lubrication of pumps, valves and clutches and reduces friction, slippage and fluid heat, a common cause of transmission failure. Resulting in, smoother shifting, reduced fuel consumption and lower maintenance costs.

Where to use it

In automatic transmissions, limited-slip differentials, power steering units, wet clutch systems (found on many motorcycles) and all drives that recommend automatic transmission fluid.

Add in the proportion of 5 – 10% of the total fluid capacity.

Add in the proportions noted above at the time that the automatic transmission fluid is changed.

However, fluid levels can be topped up at any time using one or two tubes of MOLYSLIP
Automatic Transmission Supplement. Simply unscrew the cap, cut an inch off the end of the neck and squeeze slowly into the automatic transmission dipstick tube.

Do not overfill the automatic transmission or power steering reservoir

Determine the correct quantities required, (5 – 10% of the total fluid capacity), before adding.

Whenever possible, add MOLYSLIP
Automatic Transmission Supplement to warm transmission fluid. Drive or idle the vehicle (in neutral with brake applied, not park) for 10-15 minutes after adding.